Why Establish VicGao.com ?

        VicGao.com is convenient for others to find me.

        Through the search, there will be a lot of accounts containing Vic Gao, but it is not easy to distinguish which one is me.

        VicGao.com is simple and convenient, with personal profiles, game links, media links, contact details, and more.


About Vic Gao

        Vic Gao, a solo dev, and a military enthusiasts . He used to be an ERP software architect, he had successfully developed many software projects, he love programming.

        Vic Gao begin game development in 2016. At the beginning, Vic Gao just want to explore the development process of a game, and build his own development team. But in the process of exploration, he found it is possible to finish all the game work him self, and maybe this is the best way. So he decided to do a most meaningful thing in his life, finish a game and engine in solo mode!

        After about two years and many failures and difficulties, even many things are completely different from what he thought at the beginning, he finally finished his game.

        Vic Gao's indie game VicHeli is a large series of military games, players can control various weapons to fight on the battlefield. By Vic Gao's own game engine, large war scenes can be rendered smoothly on low hardwares, support 4k screen, and Windows/MacOSX/Linux/Html5.

        Vic Gao is very willing to share with others, especially like to share his experiences and ideas with young people. He is writing a review about a game he developed recently. Welcome to read his blog.

Links:   Vic Gao's game    vicgao.com

A Solo Dev's Sharing: Preface

        Hello, my name is Vic Gao , I recently completed a game and its engine, the game development lasted about  two years, there a lot of happiness and strikes during the development, also experienced many big failures. In the same time, I had a lot of in-depth thinking about game and engine development. I want to share these thinking, maybe these sharing articles will help increasing my game sales, the name of these posts is "A Solo Dev's Sharing (by Vic Gao)".

        Welcome to my personal website : vicgao.com   and Vic Gao's game