I Finished An Indie Game

        Vic Gao' indie game Vic Heli is a large series of military games, this series uses realistic style, players can control various weapons to fight on the battlefield .

        Helicopters, high-speed military trains, artillery, assault missiles, interceptors, airborne machine guns and anti-aircraft guns, ground attack bomb, decoy bomb, search radar and other detail lifelike weapons and equipment, intense fighting process, bring intense and interesting war game experience.
        By own independent game engine, large war scenes can be rendered smoothly on low hardware. The game package is very small, can be downloaded quickly. Support various screens, from the smallest iphone4 mobile screen to more than 50 inches of 4K screens, all are supported. All games offer both PC Client and Html5 versions. PC client version support Windows/MacOSX/Linux.
        The game's author, also a military enthusiasts, not only created the game engine and the game itself in solo mode, but also create a set of automated AI tools that automatically translated the game's java code into javascript code. By own engine, the game can run smoothly on low-end hardware, and the game package is very small, the HTML5 1080p version only 1.8M.

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